Case Study 1:  Chairman of the board


Initial situation

  • Hi-tech company vertically integrated

  • Alignment issues due to different expectations of the members

  • Missed opportunities to grow

  • Passive role in relation to management

  • Difficult, historically grown management situation

  • Limited growth and disappointing profitability


Actions taken with the involvement of Lipton and Partners

  • Assuming an active chairman role and define the role of the board

  • Relevant changes in the management and the board

  • Substantial cost reduction through new production sites in Asia and Eastern Europe (both projects actively managed by the chairman)

  • Stepwise change in the shareholdings

  • Support and coaching the management

  • Global expansion into an adjacent business field through acquisitions including the financing of the transaction



  • Shareholdings restructured and simplified

  • An important global market position has been achieved

  • Company has grown substantially

  • High profitably and cash generation

  • The value of the company has been multiplied

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