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Glass facades are the prevailing elements of modern high-rise architecture. Protection against excessive sun radiation and high outside temperatures during hot periods, minimized heat losses and use of the radiation for room heating in cold periods are only few of the contradicting requirements.


The facade as the building envelope, has a crucial impact on the overall energy consumption, the critical requirement in todays construction business.


HyWin is the first window for adaptable building envelopes. HyWin reacts dynamically on changes in outside temperature and radiation. It improves the comfort in the building, eliminates heat losses and reduces the overall cost, without  impacting  the architectural design. It ideally complements the geothermal fields broadly used for heating of modern high rise buildings.


The HyWin technology is simple and robust. It is designed for a long life and low maintenance


The people behind HyWin


HyWin Technology - read the interview with the developer and energy expert Claudio Meisser :


German interview


English interview


Optimierte Closed Cavity Hybridfenster    (Zeitschrift Fassade 2016/1)


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